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Lulu Mall, Cochin: World of more happiness?

Surprisingly, it was 'nostalgic' for one of my NRI friend to check in to the Lulu hyper market in the recently opened Lulu shopping mall. This was the first time I heard about the feeling in a reverse situation!

Touted as the largest shopping mall in India, it stores enough of surprises and indulgences for one of the most consumerist society in the country.

Our studio was very much excited about the event not only because of the sheer chance to experience the mega mall, but because of the opening of the Mantra boutique showroom inside the mallwhich was designed by us.

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Client is always right

well, in almost all cases..!

Client is right even though he is wrong...

At one point of time every design professional realize that arguing with a client is not the way to prove a point. You may win over logic, but most of the times client will not take the advice. The case stands strong when the client in question has a very strong ego.

The subjective issues gets harder to get convinced as the fine line between logic and aesthetics mostly is a matter of better taste.

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Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2012: Art vs Containing space

Planned on the lines of  Venice Biennale, Kochi-Muziris Biennale has started in Cochin with much fanfare on 12-12-12. The Biennale being a first of its kind event in India, was expected to offer unparalleled and  novel experience for both art lovers and connoisseurs.

Apart from the love for art, I had a great interest in the event primarily because of the context of its settings. Most of the installations are in and around Fortcochin and Mattancherry except for Durbar Hall. The raw power of the spaces itself provides artists enough challenge to match with the tension it creates. The spaces are magnificent and overwhelming, to say the least. It was a joyful act to watch the internationally acclaimed artists expressing themselves and claiming the attention it deserves. Some of the artists, like Sun Xun from China, left a very strong impact with their work. They constantly challenged our notions of art.

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Be a Connoisseur

Masters of any art form has been invariably connoisseurs of their field.

connoisseur is defined by dictionary as a person with special knowledge or appreciation of a field, esp in the arts.

You can find many analogies for the observation. Take the field of music, photography, fine art, motion pictures or wine tasting for that matter.

Being a connoisseur automatically equip the creator to critically judge her work during the process itself. She thus knows where the work stands in comparison to the works of masters and most importantly, under varying contexts. She can appreciate the subtleties without getting carried away.

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The Sydney Opera House: Classic case history of failure of design competition?

Google in 'Sydney' and you will find Sydney opera house as one of the first image results.

Its not uncommon that a city gets synonymous with its architectural icon. One cannot undermine the importance of such an icon on the urban fabric.

Sydney Opera House is the result of a design competition.

Design competitions are always exciting.

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